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Eps 1. The Lineage of the Rose: A Mystical Introduction into Balancing Feminine & Masculine Energy

Eps 1. The Lineage of the Rose: A Mystical Introduction into Balancing Feminine & Masculine Energy

Opening the high heart of the world

Calling home the legendary leaders of Atlantis!

During the 12/12 portal in 2023, the call for the Legendary Leaders of Atlantis to come home was amplified. The original template of Atlantis was one of Unity between the Feminine and Masculine, carried forth by a lineage called the Lineage of the Rose. After the fall of Atlantis, the keepers of the wisdom and knowledge of the Lineage of the Rose went underground. Out of sight - but still very much alive - the lineage and it's Unity Consciousness Codes found her way to various parts of the world, including Avalon in Great Britain.

In episode 1 we, Irene and Nicole, introduce ourselves, set the stage for the mystical adventure ahead and invite you to join us!


Welcome to the Opening the High Heart of the World Podcast!

A podcast created by Nicole Olsthoorn (The Celtic Goddess) and Irene van Gent to support you in opening your (high) heart chakra, so that you can balance your feminine and masculine energy and contribute to the unfolding of the Earth’s highest timeline.

As we collectively move into an era of co-creation (hello Age of Aquarius!), we (Irene and Nicole) felt the urge to join our own co-creative forces and bring to life the mystical tale of an ancient lineage that finds her roots in the lost lands of Atlantis and Avalon. While Irene holds powerful space for the tale to be told, Nicole passionately shares psychic wisdom from these lost lands in order for you get a glimpse of what they are and what activating the remembrance of their lineage can mean for you, your relationships and your career.

Allow us to take you on a mystical adventure through the 12 Temples of the Atlantean Wisdom School and bring you the higher wisdom of The Lineage of the Rose.

In the 12 weeks between the 21 March and 21 June 2024 we will be dropping a weekly podcast episode exploring each of the 12 Temples in great detail and we love for you to journey with us and share what shifts for you as you do so. 🌹🌹🌹

About your hosts

Nicole Olsthoorn is a leading psychic priestess and feminine leadership consultant who uses her psychic abilities to support well-established female pioneering business owners in staying on course with their highest purpose in life, love and leadership…. the feminine way. You can find our more about the 12 Temples on Nicole's website: https://nicoleolsthoorn.com/atlantistoavalon

Irene van Gent is an author, speaker and inspirator who motivates female entrepreneurs to bring their true story to life and gives them the courage to share this with the world. She predominantly works with Dutch-speaking clients, so if you are able to read Dutch please visit, https://irenevangent.nl

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