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Talking about visualising a new world with Leonie Emma

Talking about visualising a new world with Leonie Emma

A conversation with Leonie Emma on the heart connecting power of ceremonial cacao

In this new episode I have a beautiful conversation with Leonie Emma Roxs. She is the initiator of Pure Kakaw with her partner Erik Westerduin. During their travels in South America they got introduced to the power of ceremonial cacao. After using it personally they decided to bring unique quality cacao directly and ethically sourced from the farm.

Their cacao is a beautiful product to open your heart and discover who you truly are and what you want to bring into the world from a loving perspective.

In this episode we talk about cacao, but we cover a lot of different subjects on how to create a different world and how cacao can help us to get there. It is a beautiful talk in which we discover the art of visualisation and being in a world as a free spirit, who sees the future.

You can follow Leonie Emma’s art, music & ceremonies at Leonie Emma Roxs

More about the cacao adventures & events from Pure Kakaw you’ll find on www.purekakaw.comfacebook or instagram.

Write your life
Write your life Podcast
Write your life is about using writing to create the life that suits you best. A life of authenticity, love, creativity, consciousness, simplicity, peace, connected to your unique natural self.
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