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Are you ready to connect with your inner voice to create a life that suits you better than the life that is dictated to you by others and society?

When we live according to our own desires, we create a world that is more loving and free. A world where you can live according to your female cycle, the cycle of the moon and the seasons and all the things you think are important.

This is probably not the way you have been taught that life should be. The aim of life in general is to work hard, earn money, buy a house, have some kids and live the life all people live.

But this is not for you! You want other things from life, you want to connect with nature, your personal rhythm, the trees, the sea, animals, fresh food directly from its source.

That’s what you desire. Not a bigger car, a better mobile phone or the most expensive designer bag. You don’t want to be in the rat race. You are here to do other things.

No: you love to create things; knit your own shawl and blanket, buy second hand clothes, have your own vegetable garden and fruit trees. Make time for cooking, meaningful conversations and loving moments with your partner.

Have you always been the odd one out? The one with too many feelings, always asking difficult questions and taking the other road?

Welcome to Write your life the place where you find (writing) inspiration to create the life that suits you best.

You have it all in you

You have all the answers to create this magical life already in you. You only have to dig a little deeper to find the answers to the big life questions.

You don’t have to believe all the guru’s who tell you that you are broken and have to fix yourself. You are more than enough. You are a master creator, when you start listening to your own inner wisdom.

To create the change we wish to see in the world, we have to show the way. By sharing our personal, honest stories we can inspire each other and ourselves.

Story by story we create a new world.

Hi it’s me, Irene, and I am so happy to see you here!

I have always been one of the odd ones out. Always asking too many questions and feeling too much (or at least that is what they told me in the past). I have always shared my stories. Even though there were times I was silent because I thaught people didn’t understand me.

And believe me, they probably didn’t. Oftentimes I couldn’t quite understand or explain myself why I did what I did and wrote what I wrote. Now I can see the bigger picture. I had to go through it all to understand everything better.

The stories on this blog

On this blog you will find stories about writing, entrepeneurship, and about my life as a Dutch girl in Greece. All stories are connected to the idea that every story can change a life. Because by sharing our stories we are able to heal ourselves and our readers.

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Besides this online space for writing and healing I can facilitate you in your writing journey towards living the life that suits you best.

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