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Do you often feel the odd one out? The one who has too many feelings, is always asking difficult questions and taking the other road?


Craft your life is an online meeting point for people who are the changemakers, the ones changing their lives according to their needs instead of what the people around you tell you to do.

You (want to) live a life where your intuition is more important than your rational mind. You want to create a world where love, peace and unity are more important than setting goals and earning money, where we take care of each other. Step by step we create a new world by changing the way we live.

Hi it’s me, Irene, I am so happy to see you here!

Like you, I am one of the odd ones out. Always asking too many questions and feeling too much (or at least that is what they told me in the past). I remained quiet for a while, but at a certain moment I decided to speak up and share my stories.

I share about they journey of my life that is in tune with my personal nature, my female cycle and the seasons. I learned that when you live in alignment with your personal needs, you work towards a world that is more peaceful and loving. A world in which we have all the time to do the things we love to do. With doing so you are healthier, your mood is more positive and your relationships get better.

What is Craft your life about?

This all started out as a blog… But became so much more! I am thrilled to invite you to be part of this ‘movement’ where we will inspire and motivate each other to craft the lives that suits us best.

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But there is more!

When you choose a paid subscription (monthly or yearly) you have the opportunity to join the monthly online women’s circle and inspiration session. In these sessions you will dive deeper into how you want to live, what is blocking you on the way and how to grow to live the life that suits you.

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Do you want to know more about my work

I am a Dutch self-published writer and ghostwriter who loves to inspire people to create a life they love. In all my writings I aim to inspire you with stories on changing your life according to what suits you best. I have published 4 books (all in Dutch), about food, about yoga, about how to create the life that suits you best and a novel about a young woman who wants to live a life full of love.

My first English publication is Shine your light, an ebook with empowering messages to motivate you to stay close to your true essence (I regularly share one of them here as well).

I work and live as a writer in Corfu and write in Dutch and English.

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Irene van Gent

Inspires people to live life from their true essence. Writer of fiction and non-fiction books on how to create the life that suits you best.